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Housemate 623 Control Unit

Wouldn't it be nice to go to work or on holiday and know your home is secure?

Well now you can with the House Mate 623 the simple and affordable home automation system.

Imagine sitting on the beach knowing that your alarm is set and your house lights are going to come on in the evening in a random switching pattern.

The on-board micro processor will switch up to 4 internal lights on and off at random times to give the impression that someone is home. But then you realise you have not set your alarm or switched on your House Mate -DONT PANIC- simply text House Mate from anywhere in the world & the micro processor will only recognise your phone number & switch both units on for you.


Key Features

Welcome Home Mode - State of the art handheld wireless keyfob lets you swith internal amd external lights on and even boil the kettle as you approach your property from your car.


Control Outside Lighting from one location, removing the need for light switches all over the house.


Four Internal preset Programs each fitted to main lighting pendants that swith internal lights on/off at random intervals to give that  "someone's home feeling" (ideal for going away on holiday).


*Sms Lighting switch internal/external lighting on/off from any location in the world by sending sms text to House Mate.


*Sms Arming arm your alarm system from any location in the world by sending sms text to House Mate, also house mate will text you if alarm is activated.


Doorbell house mate can turn your doorbell on/off at the touch of a button. (ideal for when the children are asleep)


Interfaces with most alarm systems and can be programmed to switch on internal/external lights if alarm is activated.


The House Mate 623 is simple to use, no programming involved. The main control unit fits neatly on the wall and is the size of a double electric socket outlet. (see picture above)


* To use sms feature a payg sim card is required. (pay as you go)


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Tel: 01332 332079